Cast of Characters

Sabina: eldest daughter of Nicholas, Earl of Kentare; nineteen years old

Sabina’s Sisters

Amabel: seventeen years old

Matilda: fourteen years old

Elena: eleven years old

Clare: eight years old

Juliana: five years old

Lucy: baby, two years old

Kentare’s Garrison

Sir Silvester Owenthwaite: Castellan

Sir Robert: knight, second in command

Hubert: guard/man-at-arms

Edward: guard /man-at-arms

Jarkin: guard/man-at-arms

Hector: guard/man-at-arms

Kentare Personnel

Edmund Talbot: Bailiff/steward

Jeffers: stable master

Father Vincent: priest

Master Keigwin: herald

Edith: herbalist

Ida: nurse maid

Beatrice: healer

Knights Competing for Kentare

Brice FitzRichard: twenty-eight years old

Sir Laurence: nephew of Baron Bretsted

Matthew: third son and youngest child of Lord Morpenne; twenty-five years old

Giles: heir to Lord Selbourn

Visiting Nobles

King Henry II

Lord John Alnhurst: Henry II’s emissary, administers competition

Bernice, Lady Alnhurst: John’s wife

Baron David Beaumont: courtier accompanies Henry

Chester, Earl of Hargrave: courtier, accompanies Henry

Place Names

Kentare: Sabina’s home

Lystow: demesne where Brice and Matthew worked before tournament

Bretsted: Laurence’s uncle’s demesne

Glensby: small village near Kentare

Trentwell: fief attached to Kentare

Wynleigh: fief attached to Kentare

Chetdal: fief attached to Kentare

Horse Names

Herakles: Clare’s gelding, tan with black legs, mane and tail

Hercules: Brice’s bay stallion

Camulus: Laurence’s stallion, dapple gray

Xerxes: Matthew’s black gelding