Susan Lowenberg

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Chicago, 1877

Wounded and wanted for his father’s murder, Simon invades Genevieve’s isolated rural home. Guided by her compassion and firmly rooted in her faith, Genevieve provides succor and sustenance for Simon, then sends him on his way. Genevieve’s life spirals into scandal and disgrace when her innocent interaction with Simon is twisted by the town’s dishonest mayor. Left homeless and destitute, she travels to Chicago to find work. Simon fights to clear his name and bring his father’s murderer to just. When he learns of Genevieve’s plight he tries to help her. Genevieve doesn’t want Simon’s pity and relies on her faith to sustain her. The more time Simon spends with Genevieve the more drawn he is to her abiding faith and empathy for others. Genevieve yearns for Simon’s love. Will it ever be hers? A moving tale of faith and hope.

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Zack, fleeing from his past, joins a wagon train heading to the promised land of Oregon. He yearns for shy, sweet Emily but knows he must not sully her with the evil lurking within him. Emily fights to hold her family together on the arduous and perilous trek to a new home. As Zack befriends and helps her family, she is intrigued by him, but finds him distant and changeable. Tragedy strikes, forcing Emily to rely on Zack’s strength. But when Emily learns the truth about Zack’s past, she is frightened, betrayed and trapped. How can she ever trust him again? Will Emily and Zack learn the true meaning of love and forgiveness before it’s too late, as they struggle for survival in this new land? Filled with rich historical detail, A Journey to Love is a novel to cherish.

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In twelfth century England, Sabina’s fate hangs in the balance. Upon her father’s death without a male heir, King Henry II decrees a tournament be held to select the next Earl of Kentare and become Sabina’s husband. Knights descend on Sabrina’s home: handsome, charismatic Brice; powerful, quiet Laurence; easy-going, affable Matthew; and detestable, despicable Giles. Sabine schemes to ensure her choice wins the tournament. When events spiral out of her control, she must protect her sisters at all costs.

A moving, romantic drama about surrender, self-sacrifice, faith and family.

Reviewed By Kimberlee J Benart for Readers' Favorite

The Tournament by Susan Lowenberg is a Christian romance set in twelfth century England during the reign of King Henry II. The widowed Earl of Kentare has died, leaving seven young daughters behind. The King orders a tournament to choose a landless knight to wed the eldest, Lady Sabina. Four knights quickly take the lead, but Sabina is attracted to only one of them: the charming Sir Brice. Her next eldest sister, Amabel, favors the "gentle giant" Sir Laurence; and one of her younger sisters, Clare, favors the friendly Sir Matthew. No one favors Sir Giles, whose bad character is already known. Which of these knights will become Earl of Kentare and hold the fate and happiness of Sabina, her sisters, and the entire demesne in his hands?

In The Tournament, Lowenberg presents a classic tale of faith, hope, and love in an engaging and action-packed narrative that moves at a good pace and leaves you eager for the next chapter. There are enough surprises and twists and turns along the way to pique your interest until the very last page. Lowenberg expertly draws each of the main characters in clear brushstrokes of dialog, thought, and action. You quickly form your own opinion as to who you hope will win the day. Sabina does as well. Her moral struggles provide as much of a test in humility, and the meaning of true surrender to God's will, as the jousting does to the physical strength and skill in arms of the knights. An entertaining read with a positive message of faith and family love.

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She’s the pawn in a deadly game...

England, 1154. The blood feud between the Merclifs and the Cardels has been raging for years. To end it, King Henry II orders handsome, self-reliant Alaric, Baron Merclif, to marry Helena, Cardel's daughter. But can Alaric risk bringing her into his serene home? What if she is like her greedy, evil father and brothers? Yet what other choice does Alaric have?

When Helena overhears her father's secret plans to invade Merclif Castle and murder her and Alaric on their wedding night, she knows she must tell Alaric. But can she trust him? And if he stops the plot, will he annul their forced marriage --her only chance to get away from her abusive father? As Helena struggles to overcome the fears and shame caused by her father's degradation, she wonders if any man could ever accept her scars...and choose to love her, just as she is.

A surprising twist on The Beauty and the Beast, set in medieval England